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Tuning Out the Noise: High and Low-Pitch Sound Insulation Strategies for Home Renovation

Achieving a quiet home often means tackling both high and low-frequency noises. A mix-and-match approach, combining different sound insulation materials and methods, is typically the most effective. This guide will help you navigate the best options for insulating against various sound frequencies.

For High-Pitch Sounds

  1. 5/8″ Drywall and Double Drywall Layer:
    • Best for: High-frequency noises like talking and electronic beeps.
    • Why It Works: Thicker drywall provides better sound insulation as it has more mass to absorb the vibrations. Doubling up the drywall, especially with a noise-proofing sealant in between the layers adds even more soundproofing.
  2. Resilient Channel:
    • What it is: A resilient channel is a thin metal profile that is screwed to wall studs and ceiling joists. It provides a separate section to fasten the drywall, effectively decoupling the drywall from the wood framing.
    • Best for: Higher-frequency sounds.
    • How It Works: Creates a break in the wall assembly since the drywall screws are not fastened to the studs or joists, reducing sound transmission.

For Low-Pitch Sounds

  1. Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV):
    • What it is: MLV is a heavy vinyl sheeting that can be installed between wood framing and drywall.
    • Best for: Low-frequency noises such as traffic and industrial sounds.
    • Effectiveness: Its density effectively blocks these deeper sounds.
  2. Staggered Stud Wall Construction:
    • What it is: Instead of your typical 2×4 wall construction, this wall is built with a 2×6 footer and header with 2×4 studs every 8″ instead of 16″. Each stud alternates which side of the wall it lines up with. Each side of the wall effectively gets studs every 16″, with drywall attached to just one side of the stud.
    • Best for: Minimizing low-frequency sound transmission.
    • Method: The non-linear stud placement disrupts the path of lower-pitch sounds.

Versatile Solutions for All Frequencies

  1. Batt Insulation:
    • Application: Good for both high and low-frequency sounds.
    • Material: Fibreglass or mineral wool absorbs a wide range of sound frequencies.
  2. Sonopan Soundproofing Panels:
    • What it is: Sonopan sheets are sold in 48″ x 96″ sheets, similar to drywall. They are fabricated from 100% recycled wood and can be installed between wood framing and drywall.
    • Use: Effective for various sound frequencies.
    • Advantage: Especially suitable for rooms requiring broad-spectrum sound insulation.
  3. Acoustical Putty Pads:
    • What it is: Putty pads are made of a soft moldable putty that is used to wrap the outside of electrical boxes.
    • Enhances Overall Insulation: Seals gaps around electrical boxes to prevent sound leaks.
    • Application: Effective against high-frequency sounds, easily moldable to fit various shapes.
  4. Acoustic Caulk:
    • Use: Filling gaps and cracks, sealing the edges of MLV
    • Advantage: In noise insulation, the noise is only dampened as much as it’s weakest link. Using acoustic caulk ensures noise doesn’t propagate through gaps and cracks.


Whether you’re envisioning a new basement media room, a quiet home office, or ensuring your little ones get a good night’s sleep, effective sound insulation is achievable. Remember, the ultimate effectiveness depends on proper installation and combining various methods for a comprehensive solution. Give Oakforge Home Renovations a call, and we can help you choose what’s best for your application!

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